Monday, June 29, 2020

GRU-Taliban, Uighur Nazism, Pelosi's absurdity, GRU fanaticism

The likely reason President Trump wasn’t briefed on the GRU-Taliban plot. The intelligence community assessment paradigm means that information must be judged across various sources. Hence why the DNI wanted to wait before briefing Trump.

Purifying the Uighurs, China offers homage to Nazism. The latest reporting on the destruction of Uighur identity is a testament to the Chinese Communist reality.

Nancy Pelosi chooses partisanship over national security with request for full House  GRU-Taliban intelligence briefing. She knows that there are much better ways to oversee the issue than to invite certain leaks.

Why Russia’s GRU would kill Americans in Afghanistan. Moscow’s most aggressive intelligence service has personal and professional detestation for the United States.

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