Monday, December 9, 2019

Steele dossier, WaPo report, Horowitz report, Friday articles, Thursday articles

Horowitz report deconstructs Steele dossier. The former British intelligence officer’s notorious product is shown to be a mismatch of hearsay.

Decoding the Washington Post’s report on Afghanistan. There are some good lessons here, but not pointers for withdrawal.

Horowitz report: CIA regarded Steele dossier as “internet rumor.” Not the best endorsement from the nation’s premier human intelligence agency.

From Friday...

The beauty of the American names Noah, Elijah, and Muhammad. A country sustained by unified peoples and shared values.

Is Russia helping Jeremy Corbyn? It would make sense for them to do so.

From Thursday...

Why Joe Biden will probably benefit from his freakout. The former Vice President needed to show more energy on the campaign trail.

A Grand Armee versus Macron's grand reform. The stakes for France's future are significant.

Espionage and Europe: inside Huawei's campaign to litigate against US regulation. It's about setting the ground for future fights.

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