Thursday, September 19, 2019

Iran, Huawei, Lobbying, Netanyahu, Military, Saudis, NSA

 Ignore Javad Zarif’s comments about all out war - he is just trying to agitate for Iran’s interests
Huawei’s hilariously bad new phones. The phones lack the means of being smart.
Former Congressman John Sweeney sells his soul to Putin. There is no morality in working for a Russian bank that serves the Kremlin’s corruption.
Outmaneuvering Netanyahu, Benny Gantz heads towards the premiership. The Israeli prime minister has a problem.

Time for a private sector shakeup of top military ranks. The military needs new initiative and dynamic thinking.
If the Saudis aren’t going to respond, the least bad option is US sanctions.
Robert O’Brien looks like a safe bet for national security adviser. He has the chops to that effect.

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