Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Charlie Kirk on Trump and Roseanne, Ukraine's spy game silliness, CIA and SIS institutional improvement, Matthew Charles commutation, Belgium terrorism

Charlie Kirk is wrong to compare Bill Maher’s joke with Roseanne’s tweet. There’s a distinction between human-Orangutan breeding and Nazi-esque racist theories.
The problem with Ukraine’s Arkady Babchenko ploy is that it invites credibility questions towards the Ukrainian government and its foreign allies. Babchenko has been used in a poorly conceived intelligence operation. from yesterday...

What the CIA and Britain's SIS/MI6 can learn from each other. The two spy agencies have various individual strengths and weaknesses.
President Trump should commute Matthew Charles' sentence. The man has spent long enough in Federal prison. Let him rebuild his new life.
Why Belgium continues to face a major terrorist threat. It's about issues including assimilation, counter-terrorism efficacy and ISIS priorities.

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