Wednesday, November 8, 2017

China's pomp and Trump's mission, Larry David and the humorless hordes, Syria's climate change plan, Prince Charles, Operation Torch, Trump on Gillespie, Priti Patel resignation

As he visits China, President Trump must not fall for Xi Jinping’s pomp and pageantry. Trump must remember that he and Xi are men on independent missions

Larry David and Erick Erickson are under attack for offending the social-justice left. We must support the latest targets of the left’s humorless authoritarianism

Syria has signed up to the Paris climate accord and President Assad has outlined a bold plan to reduce his nation’s carbon emissions

We’ve just learned of another error of judgement from Prince Charles. Here’s why the Prince should abdicate when the time comes

75 years ago today, the US launched its first ground offensive against Nazi Germany. Operation Torch was designed to secure North Africa and provide a stepping stone for the compression of Axis forces in Europe

Trump was wrong to criticize Ed Gillespie. The president didn’t need to be rude

A top British government official, has resigned after an anti-Israel witch hunt

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