Thursday, July 21, 2016

Federalist Radio (with time links!!)

Joined The Federalist for a radio sitdown. I love the flexibility - time wise - that radio offers. Here's the report, and here is the audio link! And here are some time links:

Absurdity of claiming that terrorism does not pose an existential threat to society 
(A related article I wrote post Brussels)

On the problem of qualifying the injustice of Islamist terrorist attacks
(The Article I reference)

Tensions between France and President Obama over CT related issues

Europeans have become more inclined to identify the specific problems within political Islam as evidenced by Daesh

Daesh threat to Germany and (16m40s) embracing Muslim reformation
(The Dusseldorf article I reference)
(Florida Mosque Article I reference)

Immigration was important to Brexit outcome, but in public service demands

Skill of Fox News online reporters and BBC potential to report heavily

Talking about trolling people on Facebook

Andrea Leadsom was pathetic in her UK PM campaign

Being a Star Trek fan

Christian Slater, the caviar whore
See the scene here!

American exceptionalism rendered in the fiction of the Second World War
The Schindler's List scene I mention, the Longest Day scene I mention

President Obama has blown US relations in Eastern Europe

The objective of the infantry is simple, but it is hard for liberals to accept

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