Wednesday, September 23, 2015


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  1. Yes Syria is a mess,however we have had lousy options to begin with.Their is no moderate faction to work, maybe at the beginning. The whole region was destabilized when we nvaded Iraq.We radicalized the Iraqi Sunnis when we dismantled the Iraqi army and Saddam's security forces without having any replacement.This left a huge security vacuum and Al Qadia in Iraq was created in 2004.Prior to this their was a secular professional army that was totally against the radical Islamist.In 2006 Marsi took over AQI however it was still a led by Bin Laden,when we took out Marsi Al Baghadai stepped in and brke with Bin Laden and ISIS was created.In 2011 when Syria's civil war ISIS stepped in and started taking Raqqa.So in essence our own failures in Iraq has led to the situation we now find ourselves in Syria,