Saturday, April 25, 2015

The McLaughlin Group (04/25)

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  1. Tom, your comment on China-Pakistan was unduly flippant on a subject that should have been dealt with some sombre gravitas. How do you propose US commerce access Central Asia if China blocks Gwadar? Do you think allowing China another direct access to warm waters of Arabian Sea helps western interests? How does China investing in mega infrastructure in Pakistan versus US Aid at 10:1 can possibly be described as an example of mercantilism/ corruption?
    Do you think the British Prime Minister running off to join AIIB is an example of mercantile corruption?
    And your advice is to build submarines??????? How does that help western nations explore oil, mineral, and commodity trade with Central Asia?Please look at a map before trivializing things that may have escaped your otherwise occupied mind- though a 'beautiful' one.