Monday, September 9, 2013

Syria - a pivotal week for America

From my perspective, this week is likely to be the most pivotal of Obama's Presidency. As I feared it would be, his decision to go to Congress has been an unmitigated disaster.

Over the next few days, we're likely to see Intense lobbying from the White House (probably joined by further leaks designed to bolster the case for intervention), passionate debates on Capitol Hill and new threats from America's enemies. 

Obama's rhetorical skills are about to receive their ultimate testWhatever happens, the consequences will be profound. 

For a start, if Congress fails to support his force request, the President will suffer a catastrophic political defeat. His credibility in Congress will plummet and his global standing will sink into an abyss of doubt.

More awful... Assad's slaughter will almost certainly grow in ferocity (probably with his continued use of WMDs).

Most terrible... for friend and foe alike, President Kennedy's enduring pledge will be erased from our American identity.* In immediate terms, the Iranian theocrats will regard our collapse as a defining victory - and an inspiration for their nuclear blackmail

The other moral miscreants of the world will smell American blood in the water.

Nevertheless, there's still hope. Congress may yet decide to fill the void of our vacant Commander in Chief. 

If you click on the map below (produced by Foreign Policy magazine), you can hear my related radio discussion from a week ago. My other relevant clips are linked here.
* At least for a time. Ultimately, America always comes back.

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