Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sexual Abuse in the US Military

By the latest stats, sexual assaults in the US Military have increased 30% since 2010. While I suspect that a significant element of this increase is due to increased reporting, it's increasingly evident that the scale and systemic nature of this problem is severe. The President was correct - we need to deal with this. Now.

In addition to the steps that are already being taken, I think we need to look at creating a Joint Force Protection Command - perhaps asking recently retired General Mattis to return as the CO. Though this Command would not need to be particularly large, it would provide central cross-force orientation and leadership towards addressing this deep problem. It would also integrate these efforts into the heart of the DoD bureaucracy.

Every branch of the Armed Forces must instigate proper reporting chains that protect victims whilst seeking appropriate judicial remedies for suspected offenders. I'd like to see USAF-Chief of Staff, General Welsh, make an address on this issue. His leadership qualities are superb.

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