Friday, November 18, 2011

On the debt, Republicans must decide between Norquist and the nation.

Republicans in congress have a clear choice between common sense compromises on revenue or, an illogical orthodoxy that will paralyse the country's finances, gut the military and render the party totally divorced from the values of compromise, national interest and reason on which it was formed. In terms of the national interest, reforming the tax code by lowering rates and eliminating deductions, is very literally a small price to pay for a comprehensive deal. Refusing such a deal on the basis that more revenue is inherently wrong, is not just illogical in terms of the need for a debt deal, but serves only a small class of Americans- mostly ideologues like Norquist and tax lawyers working the system. Republicans must decide whether the party stands for an enlightened view of the national interest or for the whims of special interest groups detached from reality.

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