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Fox News

On Special Report panel: Discussing Intelligence Management by the Obama Administration (I speak at 3m34s). We also discussed the refugee crisis - still looking for a video link on that one!
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Russia Writings

Here are my collected thoughts on Russia. More TV related comments can be found here.

Page is constantly updated.
President Obama at the UN - National Review
Russia can be deterred in Syria - National Review
Speech on Russia/Ukraine - Steamboat Institute
MH-17 and the Downing of US Leadership - National Review
How to confront Putin - McLaughlin Group
Putin Returns - National Review
US policy in Ukraine - McLaughlin Group
The Nemtsov Murder - National Review
Debaltseve - McLaughlin Group
Honesty on Ukraine - National Review
Russia's War on Fracking - National Review
Putin, the Hungry Bear - National Review
Why Russia has re-invaded Ukraine - National Review
NATO in crisis - Daily Telegraph
Ukraine situation - Fox News
Ukraine Snap Election: What this means for the conflict - Daily Telegraph
Ukraine and the division of strategic purpose - The Spectator
Discussing Ukraine crisis - Fox News
MH17 makes the situation in Ukraine an American crisis and EU catastrophe - The Spectator
What to do after MH17 - National Review
Obama Doctrine/Delusion - National Review
Obama's Sanctions Elixir - National Review
The Demise of the U.N. - National Review
Why Ukraine vindicates the NSA - American Spectator
The Nuland Call - National Review
Globe in Partes Tres - National Review

My work has been recommended by the UK Parliament, the American Enterprise Institute, the BBC, +BBC +BBC, the Council on Foreign Relations, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, the Foreign Policy Initiative, The Week magazine, The Wire + The Wire + The Wire + The Wire, the Center on National Security at Fordham Law School, and Real World Politics/Real Clear Politics. My examination of US security challenges at the end of 2013 was reviewed as the global ‘‘must read’’ of the day by the BBC.

ISIS and American - Two Very Different Banners

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Islamic State - Warning about Paris-style IS attacks (and links to pieces on evolving threats to west)

I've been warning for a while that IS attacks on Europe/west were very likely. These articles - in chronological order (MOST RECENT ARTICLES AT END OF THIS PAGE) - include pieces post-Paris that offer my (hopefully) original thoughts on Daesh strategy.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's Global Jihad - November 2014 - National Review

UK domestic terrorist threat/societal challenges - November 2014 - National Review

Why the Belgium Terrorist Attacks are Noteworthy - January 2015 - National Review

On foreign policy failures under President Obama - January 2015 - McLaughlin Group

On the 'returner' threat to US/UK - January 2015 - McLaughlin Group

Why the Islamic State will attack America - March 2015 - National Review

How to Defeat ISIS - June 2015 - National Review

The state of the Islamic State: Strong - October 2015 - National Review

How ISIS Covert Action Teams are Plotting Major Attacks in Europe - 12 Days before Paris attacks - Homepage

ISIS = Special Threat to the West -  November 2015 (post-Paris) - National Review

2 Takeaways from Brussels - March 2016 - National Review

How Britain is Preventing ISIS Attacks - March 2016 -  National Review

5 Takeaways on the Dusseldorf Plot - June 2016 - National Review (Putting this here because it basically proves all of the above)

Terror in Nice - July 2016 - (National Review)

ISIS Total War Strategy - July 2016 - (National Review)

ISIS Remains Strong - October 2016 - (National Review)

How Daesh Poses a Serious Threat to Europe - December 2016 - (Weekly Standard)

3 Reasons Germany is in Daesh's Reticle - December 2016 - (National Review)

Also relevant are my collected writings on the Middle East and on Homegrown Terrorism
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Jihadi John

My latest @ National Review: Why the killing of Jihadi John is significant
National Review Online

Emwazi/Jihadi John = Dust Boy

As I noted on my Twitter, ''Emwazi was a psychotic gimp for the Islamic State death cult. Now he's dust on a Raqqa street.'' As such, I'm henceforth referring to him as 'Dust Boy'.
National Review Online

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The McLaughlin Group (11.7)

my time linked comments:

* I recently wrote a piece on this issue. Further thoughts found in links on webpage right--
*2 I wrote a piece offering an alternate hashtag - #HellfireBokoHaram