Friday, June 29, 2018

EU migrant deal, Iran/Russia vs. Syrians, Great White Shark, World Cup

Why the European Union's new migrant deal fell apart the same day that it was agreed. It's a tale of the E.U. centralists versus the nationalist populists.

As Iran and Russia slaughter Syrian Muslims, Jordan and Israel are trying to save them. There's a humanitarian tragedy underway in southern Syria.

Be excited about the great white shark that was just found in the Mediterranean Sea. It's good news for the environment and ecology.

World Cup round-of-16 predictions. Here's who is going thru and who's going home!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Putin threatening U.S. forces in Syria, China risking conflict, UK Parliament on defense spending, Don Willett for SCOTUS, Germany

Why Vladimir Putin is again threatening U.S. forces in Syria. The Russian president is aggravated by Trump's failure to pull out the U.S. military.

China increases the risk of a conflict with America. President Xi used specific and deliberately emotive language to warn the U.S. against challenging his island campaign.

The British parliament just made a major call for increased defense spending. Outlining present U.K. deficiencies, the armed services committee says 3 percent of GDP spending is necessary.

Trump should appoint Judge Don Willett to replace Anthony Kennedy. The Supreme Court needs Willett's judicial intellect, skepticism, humility and civic commitment.

Going out of the World Cup, Germany failed to read the tale of Clever Hans. The German squad was extremely talented but lackadaisical about what really matters!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What was Fazlullah doing?, new Iran protests, Roberts opinion on travel ban, Erdogan

What was the leader of the Pakistani Taliban doing when he was killed in Afghanistan. I suspect Fazlullah was meeting with ISIS towards an alliance

The new Iran protests are unlikely to change much. The economic and political dimensions of the current situation in Iran explain why.

Chief Justice John Roberts eloquently explained why the Trump travel ban is lawful. It's about executive power, stupid.

He might have just won an election but here is what Erdogan means for the U.S.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Erdogan and the U.S., the partisan puritans, Chinese laser googles, Trump's asylum policy

Face the facts: Erdogan's Turkey is no longer America's friend. As the NATO ally pivots toward Russia, the US must act accordingly.

The false patriotism of the partisan puritans. By accosting those who disagree with their views, the progressive left drives the nation towards deeper division. It's pathetic.
The US responds to Chinese laser attacks by buying laser eye protection equipment, but without directly addressing China’s aggression, we only encourage it to continue.
Trump should prioritize asylum applications by those following U.S. law at the Mexico border. The president should also deprioritize those who decide to cross the border illegally.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Charles Krauthammer, Chinese laser attacks, Cynthia Nixon ICE, England Panama, Turkey F-35

Charles Krauthammer, the man in the green room. A gentleman and a scholar.
The U.S. must respond to Chinese laser attacks on our aircrews. Here’s why this matters in a strategic context and how Trump/DoD should respond.
Cynthia Nixon's ICE hatred only helps Trump for 2020: After referring to the immigration agency as a “terrorist organization” that must be “eradicated,” the New York gubernatorial candidate makes Trump look like a moderate on immigration.

How the star of my middle-school soccer team thinks England can beat Panama. It’s about speed and aggression.
Turkey’s bizarre F-35 celebration hides a deeper more problematic reality.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

China boycotts and high value US exports, North Korea human rights, Charlottesville part two, Angela Merkel Iran

Don't bet on a China boycott defeating the U.S. China’s reliance on U.S. high value exports diminishes their leverage in a potential trade war.
North Korea human rights are not a priority concern for the U.S. nor should they be. The key is for Trump to focus on verifiable, permanent denuclearization and ballistic missile disarmament.
Why the Charlottesville successor rally will show the best of the U.S. It’s not about the idiotic protesters who will descend on Washington, it’s about the right to assemble freely.
Angela Merkel’s tough words on Iran are the height of hypocrisy. The German government continues to enable the Iranian hardliners in a wide range of ways.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Trump admin. sees positive China pressure on NoKo, Countering Russian threats to Norway with USMC, an NHS scandal, Mexico soccer chants!

With tariffs off to the side, the Trump administration sees realist cooperation with China on North Korea. Administration sources tell me that they think China is playing ball. Countering Russian threats, the U.S. should redouble its Marine deployment to Norway. Russia is threatening Norway over its invitation to the U.S. to increase the size of a Marine training deployment. We should double it again.
From Britain's National Health Service comes a tragedy of callous indifference and nonexistent accountability. A report highlights how public health systems view individuals as statistics rather than patients. Don't sanction Mexico fans over a childish chant. Even if it is slightly offensive, consider the context of FIFA’s choice of host countries for the World Cup: Russia and Qatar.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Border crisis reform, Kaliningrad and why you shouldn't worry, UN human rights, HRC border silliness

A balanced new strategy to resolve the border crisis: lose the camps but make it a stain on asylum applications from those who take children across the border illegally.
Don’t worry about Russia’s upgrading of a nuclear warhead bunker in Kaliningrad. The Russians couldn’t use that bunker effectively in a war - except in one way we can mitigate.
The U.S. is right to withdraw from the U.N. human rights council. It’s a joke of an organization that does very little to earn its name but very much to waste its budget.
Even in the border crisis, Hillary Clinton cares most about herself. Unlike other First Ladies, Clinton tries to make herself the center of the issue.

Monday, June 18, 2018

ISIS and the World Cup, England vs. Tunisia, SPLC bias, England's World Cup campaign

ISIS is determined to attack the World Cup. Here's why and how the terrorist group is fixated on Russia during these soccer weeks.

Adversaries at the World Cup, but allies in counter-terrorism.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a biased joke of an organization. It puts the pretense of analytical objectivity as the means to fundraising and far-left activism.

Four armchair experts explain how England can improve in its next World Cup game and what happened against Tunisia on Monday.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Fazlullah droned, Portugal's war, Trump Manafort, Iran and Morocco on desert and grass, Cristiano Ronaldo

Droned: Pakistani Taliban leader Mullah Fazlullah's death is a moral-strategic victory.

Portugal and Spain's World Cup rivalry evokes a historic conflict 256 years ago that remains a point of pride for the Portuguese.

Bad news for Trump: Paul Manafort is going to jail. Awaiting trial, the president’s former campaign chairman may become cooperative with Mueller’s investigation.

Iran and Morocco's World Cup match is a tale of grass-based soccer and desert-based conflict. A diplomatic breakup serves as backdrop to Friday’s match.

In Cristiano Ronaldo, Spain finds a Portuguese problem and greedy connotations

Thursday, June 14, 2018

China, Russia vs. North Korea sanctions, Trump's salute of North Korean general, FBI and evidence searches, Lynch-Clinton lies?

China and Russia are breaking the UN sanctions regime on North Korea with increasing boldness. Trump must put an end to their antics.

Trump's salute of the North Korean defense minister - and an army general - was wise, not stupid. Trump followed military protocol in pursuit of a diplomatic objective.

The crazy reason the FBI didn't search the personal devices of Hillary Clinton's State Department inner circle. That doing so would lead to too much evidence!

The DOJ IG report strongly suggests that either Loretta Lynch or Bill Clinton lied about their Phoenix meeting. The two officials offered very different accounts about how Clinton arrived on Lynch's plane.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

For Trump Neville Chamberlain has a sleep warning, Der Spiegel's free speech hypocrisy, Uber's idiotic political correctness, Authoritarianism rising?

As Trump tweets about North Korea, Neville Chamberlain has a warning for him. Namely, that pieces of paper are not worth celebrating. Action is what matters.
Der Spiegel endorses rank hypocrisy in its coverage of authoritarianism. The German magazine has previously endorsed speech restrictions and selectively condemns European authoritarianism.

Worshipping at the altar of political correctness, Uber just banned a driver for following its own rules. The ride sharing firm’s conduct is pathetic.
No, authoritarianism is not the rising order of the age. China and Russia might be challenging freedom and Erdogan is nuts, but the democratic order is rising.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Kim wins round one, Yemen disaster and Trump, Elton John against free speech, Jordan and the U.S., World Cup predictions

Kim Jong Un won round one. Trump must respond by ensuring immediate inspection of North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile facilities.
In Yemen, only Trump can save hundreds of thousands. The civil war threatens to unleash another humanitarian disaster. Fortunately Trump has the power to stop it.
Meet Elton John, the free speech hypocrite: After calling for a ban on religion, the singer is now demanding that social media companies censor homophobic posts. Elton clearly believes his viewpoint is morally superior.

Trump must not forget Jordan. As the country faces economic turmoil, the longtime U.S. ally must receive U.S. support for necessary reforms.
World Cup score predictions, games to watch and kickoff times in U.S. eastern standard! It’s your guide to the greatest tournament of the greatest game.