Friday, September 29, 2017

North Korea, School protests, flying luxury, Tom Price

North Korea says 4.7 million of its citizens are ready to join its military. But while that might sound like a new threat to the U.S. and South Korea, adding so many new soldiers would make it harder for North Korea to wage war effectively

Some schools are trying to ban students from kneeling during the national anthem. I think those protests are stupid, but schools can’t discipline students for engaging in them

Tom Price likes flying on high-end military transport jets. It’s not because they are safer, but because they offer a luxury that the rest of us can only dream of

Fired from his position as HHS Director, Tom Price only has himself to blame. He repeatedly behaved like an extreme idiot

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Putin-Erdogan, ISIS leader, Theresa May, Colombia Venezuela

Presidents Putin and Erdogan met in Turkey on Thursday. It seems likely that they’re about to hit U.S. interests in Syria

ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has released a new audiotape threatening Saudi Arabia, journalists, and the west. Here’s why it matters and what you need to know

British Prime Minister Theresa May just offered a robust defense of the free market. Her message is a much needed rebuke to Jeremy Corbyn’s rising socialist party

Colombia and Venezuela are neighbors governed by ideological opposites. The capitalist nation is thriving, the socialist nation is imploding

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tax reform, Jones Act, Army communist, Trump fundraiser

Tax reform efforts are underway, but Congress needs to balance rate cuts with the elimination of deductions. If not, the deficit will explode. Here are three big deductions worth killing

President Trump has offered a poor excuse for not waiving the Jones Act. It’s an anachronism that serves special interests and hurts Americans

A young Army officer is under fire for posting photos of himself wearing pro-communist paraphernalia. In relation to those photos, he should be punished, but his career shouldn’t be ended

Why I wouldn't spend $250,000 to chat with President Trump. It’s not about the president, it’s about the better value of spending that money elsewhere

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Saudi Arabia has just ruled that women should be allowed to drive. Here’s why the decision was made now, what pushback it faces, and why it’s good news for U.S. security

Seoul would survive a North Korean artillery attack, but North Korea wouldn’t survive attacking Seoul. Here’s why we need to judge Kim Jong-un’s threats with a little more caution

British socialists just admitted the economy will implode if they ever take power. Here’s why they are correct, just not for the reasons they think

Conservatives might like Star Trek discovery. It provides a pretty good offering of realism, action, and political nuance

President Macron of France wants a European defense force. Here’s why that’s a waste of money and a further blow to NATO security

A top British socialist implied, Tuesday, that the holocaust might be fake news. It’s just the tip of the iceberg of U.K. left-wing antisemitism