Monday, October 28, 2019

Mocking Baghdadi, Eastern Syria, FFF, ISIS Revenge, AND other stories from last week

The strategic utility of mocking Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. ISIS ideology rests on the principle of ordained courage. Baghdadi’s dog-enabled demise doesn’t serve that narrative.
America must decide whether eastern Syrian oil is used by our enemies for evil or our friends for peace. It’s really up to us to pick winners and losers.
Salute the finishers, but remember the finders and fixers. Others must work hard to ensure that counter-terrorism teams are victorious.
ISIS revenge attacks are likely. The terrorist group will want to show continuing energy in the aftermath of Baghdadi’s blowup.

From last Friday/Thursday

What would a Peronist Argentina mean for the Falkland Islands? Likely, more rhetoric and harassment of U.K. interests.

Trump should throw out the first pitch, armor and all.
The president has a role to fulfill.

Lori Lightfoot's Chicago is a warning alarm against Democratic governance. The mayor is making the easiest and most dangerous choices.

Why France is holding out against a Brexit extension. France wants the Brexit issue resolved rather than reverberating.

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